A Quality Mouth Guard Can Reduce Your Chances of Suffering Athletic Dental Trauma

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Many sports come with the risk of suffering bodily injury. While this is especially true for contact sports like football, boxing, and lacrosse, even non-contact sports can cause harm. If there is an increased risk of suffering a blow to the face most schools and athletic associations will require the athlete to use a mouth guard.

There are several different styles available. Finding the one that is right for you or your youth athlete will help encourage regular use. A stock mouth guard is often inexpensive and found in most sporting goods stores. While there are varying designs, most are made from a durable yet soft plastic.

Thermoplastic mouth guards offer more of a custom fit. When the unit is heated in hot water the mouth guard becomes malleable. When you bite down on it the thermoplastic material conforms to the unique shape of your mouth.

Unfortunately, many of the mouth guards available at the retail level come with complaints that they are uncomfortable or impede breathing. Certain designs can even make it hard to breath during full exertion.

One way to help ensure regular use is to have Dr. Kirby Nelson provide you with a custom mouth guard. This is a soft and durable mouth piece that will be specifically to match the unique details of your mouth. Dr. Kirby Nelson will design the unit for maximum passage of air.

If you are in the North Bend, Washington, area and you or your youth athlete needs a quality mouth guard, you should call 425-888-1896 to schedule a consultation appointment at Kirby Nelson Orthodontics.