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Mary Ann

Mary Ann – Office ManagerI have worked for Kirby Nelson Orthodontics since 1996–yes, 20 years! I supervise the schedule, staff, and do the finances for all four of our orthodontic offices. Working in the orthodontic field isn’t just a job, it is a place I go to have fun. I love working with our wonderful staff and outstanding patients. Dr. Nelson is the best boss: he is friendly and caring and I couldn’t ask for a better person to work for.  I have been married to my best friend for over 38 years. I have two beautiful daughters and six awesome grandsons. I love to travel to warm climates, snorkel, read, and make cards. Life is good and I feel fortunate to be so blessed!


Deb – Lab Technician/Orthodontic Assistant

Hi! I’m Deb and I’m a lab tech/assistant here at the office. I work chairside with the doctors. I entered the dental field in 1984 and started working for Kirby Nelson Orthodontics in 2007. My favorite part of the job is meeting and talking with our patients and doing lab work. Dr. Nelson really cares about the patients and their treatment. I enjoy coming to work because of the doctors and the staff and how they make every day so much fun. I have three wonderful kids, four dogs, and two cats. When I’m not working, I’m busy going to soccer practices and games with my daughter. My hobbies are photography and movies.


Chantal – Treatment Coordinator

Hi, I’m Chantal and I work as a treatment coordinator at our office. I started in 2011, which is when I began working in the dental field. I love seeing all the patients and their families come into the office and experiencing their joy once they are finished with treatment. They, along with our staff, make it so much fun to be here every day. Our doctors are amazing and knowledgeable. They love what they do and pass this feeling on to everyone. My husband and I have lived in Snoqualmie Valley for over 18 years and have three great kids, a couple of dogs, and some chickens. We love to go boating and camping, and enjoy hanging out with family and friends.


Corrine – Marketing Coordinator

Hello, I’m Corrine. I’ve been working as a receptionist here since 2011 and love working with our patients and feeling like I’m a part of one big family! The doctors have a great sense of humor and are very generous, making everyone feel special and unique. I have a wonderful husband and two beautiful daughters. I enjoy cooking and entertaining, camping, a good cup of coffee, and looking for treasures in thrift shops.


Wendy – Marketing/Media Coordinator

Hi, I’m Wendy. I started working at Kirby Nelson Orthodontics in 2008 and have worn many hats since my humble beginning, starting as a receptionist and then moving on to insurance coordinator, treatment coordinator, and a little marketing on the side. I love my family at Kirby Nelson Orthodontics so much so that when my husband’s job moved us to Hawaii, I have stayed on as Marketing/Media coordinator. I work remotely, helping in any way I can to make Kirby Nelson Orthodontics even better. I have three married children spread across the continent and three (almost four) grandchildren that I adore. I love snorkeling, trying new and interesting food, and looking for the best in every situation.


Michele – Lead Orthodontic Assistant

Hello! I’m Michele and I am the lead orthodontic assistant. I started working at the office in 2004 and have been in the dental field since 2001. My favorite part of the job is working with our patients and seeing the awesome results of their treatment. The office is a wonderful place to work; everyone contributes to a fun and relaxed atmosphere. I am married with three beautiful children and live on a mini farm in Ravensdale. When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, along with watching my children play sports.


Peggy – Orthodontic Assistant

Hi, I’m Peggy.  I have worked for Kirby Nelson Orthodontics since 2007 as an assistant.  I love seeing the transformation of people’s smiles, from beginning to end.  Our team has created a special bond that is unique and welcoming.  I am married and have two amazing daughters!  I love to travel, eat good food and keep active.  I also love serving people with non-profit work in West Africa.


Stacy – Orthodontic Assistant

Hi, I’m Stacy, an orthodontic assistant here at the office. I started working for Kirby Nelson Orthodontics in 2012 but have been working in the dental field since 1991. My favorite part of this job is the relationships I develop with the patients and their families over the course of their treatment. I enjoy the family atmosphere that this line of work embraces and love that our patients always leave with a beautiful smile on their faces. I appreciate the way the doctors empower us and teach us to always put the patients first. The sense of family and friendship is so strong here, which makes it easy to come to work every day. I am the mother of three amazing young men and a yellow Lab named Butters. We enjoy fishing, hiking, camping, boating, and family gatherings. Helping others in need is a passion of mine and I am involved in many outreach programs.


Candace – Orthodontic Assistant

Hi, my name is Candace and I have been working at Kirby Nelson Orthodontics as an orthodontic assistant since 2003. I love working for Dr. Nelson and with the rest of the amazing ladies here. It’s like coming to hang out with family each and every day. One of my favorite things about working in the orthodontic world is building relationships with all of you. We get to spend time with you every few months, sometimes more. I am grateful for the opportunity to step into your lives and get to know you and your families, and share parts of mine with you. It’s a gift and a blessing to enjoy what you do. Outside of work, I am a proud mom to my teenage son Isaiah and my three furry children, Snickers (my dog), and Mama and Monkey (the cats). They ALL keep my world full of joy and entertainment. My most favorite thing is to share my faith with others; my passion is Jesus and people. I spend a lot of my time involved with my church family and ministry. God is good, life is not always perfect, but I am so blessed and thankful for the life He has given me.


Leah – Orthodontic Assistant

I’m Leah. I’ve lived in the Valley since the 3rd grade. Living in this small town is so wonderful; you get the sense of community. This helps when raising three kiddos. My husband and I share four kids together: two daughters, Ithaca and Emma, our son, P3 (Patrick the 3rd), and his older son Camron, who comes to visit from time to time. If I’m not running after my three littles, I can usually be found at the Snoqualmie YMCA. We also have a mini farm at home with a total of five dogs, two cats, and four fish. I’m secretly plotting to get a miniature horse and have a bigger dog door installed so my horse can come inside. I love my community and a chance to make a difference in my patient’s lives. It’s amazing to see my patients grow up and really transform into confident young people and to see adult patients cry because we helped change the way they feel about themselves. We really have a chance to make a difference in everyone’s life. I know it’s just a smile to most people, but to some people it makes all the difference. I love what I do because of the difference I can make.


Shaunte’ – Orthodontic Assistant

Hello! My name is Shaunte’. I live in Covington, I am a mother of three amazing dogs, and I am a fiancée (soon to be wife) to a charmingly handsome and hardworking man. I have worked in the dental field for four years; almost three years of that I have been at Kirby Nelson Orthodontics. I am fond of my offices, my boss, and all the women I work beside. The environment is peaceful, stunningly loving, productive, and undoubtedly entertaining. We are family here and it’s a blessing to have this opportunity to work under Dr. Nelson. My patients are my everything. My goal is to help build confidence, character, and joy in all those I work with. I work hard and recognize the important need to provide the finest care.


Jynni – Orthodontic Assistant

Hi, I’m Jynni and I’m a Lab Tech/Assistant for Kirby Nelson Orthodontics. I started in 2016, but have been in the Orthodontic field for 14 years now, and love every minute of it!! I love working with the doctors and the team, it’s a great place to come every day and the patients are amazing! When I’m not at work, I am a fulltime mother of three and wife. We love being outdoors, bike riding with the kids and playing at the lake.


Janene – Receptionist-Treatment Coordinator

My name is Janene. I am a newer member to the Kirby Nelson Orthodontics team; however, I have known Dr. Kirby Nelson since he first opened 20 years ago! He treated my daughter and created her beautiful smile. I have always been very impressed with his personal manner in which he treats people and the fun atmosphere of the office. I have been in the dental field for the last 35 years and specifically orthodontics for the last seven years. I love to spend my free time with my family and friends, playing with my grandkids, being outdoors or having a cup of tea and playing a game. I enjoy painting, knitting, reading, snowshoeing, horseback riding, and kayaking. I also love to volunteer, helping the needy by going on mission trips and helping the homeless. I am SO happy to have found my new work home, meeting new patients and parents and seeing them feel happy and confident with their new beautiful smiles. Coming to work every day is a pleasure!