An Athlete with Braces Might Need a Customized Mouth Guard

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When Dr. Kirby Nelson and their team installed the new orthodontic braces in your child’s mouth, they inserted a functional system that is capable of gradually correcting the alignment of your child’s teeth. This system, though simple in purpose, includes a series of metal brackets that are integrated with wires and other orthodontic hardware components. Each of these components requires special care throughout the treatment process.

If your son or daughter participates in rigorous athletic activities where they could potentially suffer a blow to the mouth or jaw, they will likely need a high-quality mouth guard to protect both their teeth and their braces. Even incidental contact could cause significant trauma to teeth, braces, and soft oral tissues.  

Finding the right mouth guard for your child will go a long way towards encouraging frequent use. Most sporting goods stores carry a variety of stock mouth guards and thermoplastic mouthpieces. Stock and thermoplastic mouth guards are often inexpensive, yet they can sometimes feel loose or uncomfortable in the mouth. In addition, most do not adequately address the presence of braces hardware. Some designs can also make it hard to breathe at full exertion.

If your youth athlete is unhappy with a retail mouth guard, Dr. Kirby Nelson can provide them with a custom mouth guard. This is a soft and durable mouthpiece that is specifically designed to match the unique details of their mouth with the maximum passage of air.

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