Braces Can Help Many Adults with Alignment Issues

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Braces used to be seen as a hallmark sign of the awkward years of adolescence. Fortunately, this cliché has faded as more and more adults are embracing the idea of having braces installed to give them the smile they’ve always wanted.

It’s not unheard of for the natural processes of aging or losing a tooth to alter the alignment of the surrounding teeth. The structural loss of the tooth can sometimes draw the other teeth to turn and adjust position to partially fill the gap. This makes the teeth exceedingly prone to chips and fractures over time.

Having braces installed is also an effective way to address an under or overbite issue. Beyond simply giving you an unattractive smile, this too can cause chips and fractures on multiple teeth.

If you are only looking to address minor alignment issues on the teeth in your smile, you might want to try removable aligner braces, like Invisalign®. These are clear plastic aligner trays that you wear in your mouth for up to 22 hours a day. Every two weeks you switch to a new set of aligners. Most people meet their alignment goals in six to eight weeks.

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