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Lots of people get braces in their youth. They are nothing to be self-conscious about. In fact, you should look at it as a rite of passage into adulthood. If the thought of taking photos while you are sporting braces embarrasses you, don’t let it. Embrace the braces! You’re attitude should be to just accept the fact that you’re getting your teeth straightened and you don’t care what anyone else thinks. Once they are off, you’ll have such a beautiful smile it will all have been worth it. Until then, we have some ideas to make your braces a little more fun.

Colorize Your Smile

The way to display confidence in your attitude towards braces is to boldly show them off with our endless selection of colorful rubber bands. Pick your favorite colors, mix and match, wear multiple colors. Change them out for every occasion. What about the holidays? Green for St. Patrick’s Day, red for Valentine’s Day, black and orange for Halloween, etc. On the 4th of July you can wear three colors: red, white and blue! If you’re feeling particularly wild, neon colors and glow-in-the-dark bands are also available.

Fix Your Mouth by Photo Editing

Hey! There is always Photoshop if you just can’t get over how they look in a pic. Any photo-editing software can do the job, even a simple paint program. Simply zoom in on the offending metal, pick the natural tooth color with the dropper, and erase the unwanted dental work.

The important thing is to not let wearing braces make you change the happy person that you are. Focus on the day when you get them taken off and how good you’ll look!

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