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Are you curious about what our patients say about Kirby Nelson Orthodontics? If so, we have provided reviews for you! We offer comment cards for our patients when they come in to see Dr. Nelson and Dr. Katz, and we have listed a few of the comments for you. If you are interested in leaving a comment yourself, ask the front desk staff for your own comment card when you visit our orthodontists in Snoqualmie, Maple Valley, and North Bend, Washington.

“The orthodontist is not a place most kids enjoy going to, but I have to say my experience with the Kirby Nelson family was so much fun. The fact that I’m somewhat sad that I got my braces off says it all. The staff is a lot of fun and I’m pretty sad that I won’t get to see them much anymore. Keep up the great work team!”

“I would like to say thank you to all of the staff at Kirby Nelson Orthopedics. I had such a amazing experience. Everyone in the office is extremely nice. They all took exceptional care of me. I always looked forward to all of my visits.”

“Kirby Nelson Orthodontics is awesome! Their service is exceptional. Everyone worked to customize my plan to ensure my braces would be off before I graduated and left for college. They even worked it so my braces were off the day before prom! I was thrilled to have beautiful teeth for pictures! I can’t thank them enough for all they have done and highly recommend them.”

“Special thank’s to Dr. Nelson for helping me with my broken bracket on his day off! He has worked hard on three of my kids and myself and has done the best job possible. I have recommended Dr. Nelson to everyone I know. Thank’s again Dr. Nelson you’re the best!!”

“As a struggling single mother with no health or dental insurance from my employer, getting braces for my son was just a dream, until we met Dr. Nelson. His kindness and generosity is unmatched. My son received excellent care and sincere concern from the entire staff. I always recommend Kirby Nelson to my friends.”

“Dr. Nelson is great. I’ve been to several orthodontists in the past, but none of them are as knowledgeable or as nice as Dr. Nelson. The office staff are excellent, and you always feel welcome coming in for appointments, or even just to visit.”