Oral Health Care Highlights: Proper Cleanings for Braces

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Finding the time to care for your orthodontic aligners is essential to ensure optimum oral hygiene can continue to take place. If you want to keep your teeth in excellent condition and ensure your smile will function as intended, your oral health appliances must not fall into disrepair. Here are some cleaning tips to remember for braces:

Caring for your braces is a daily activity that should be in line with your regular oral health care. Just because you’re wearing braces, it does not exclude you from continuing to brush and floss your smile every day. However, there are a few changes that need to be made with traditional orthodontic treatments, including altering the foods you eat. This means that products such as sticky and chewy substances will need to be avoided. In addition, fruits and nuts they can easily get stuck between your teeth and braces should be avoided until the treatments are done. Speak with your orthodontist about food restrictions.

It is essential to always visit your orthodontist for routine repairs and checkups. If for any reason your braces should become damaged, it is important not to try to fix them yourself. This is because you can easily end up damaging your teeth, and your braces further. Thus, bring them in for repairs by your orthodontist. If any wires are sticking out, cover them with a wax or chewing gum to ensure that they do not poke or prod you. For additional questions and concerns, speak with your orthodontist.

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