At Kirby Nelson Orthodontics, our team is devoted to protecting, strengthening and improving your smile. We realize that having braces or another type of orthodontic appliance can make your oral hygiene more difficult, so we will teach you techniques for keeping your mouth clean! It is extremely important to maintain good oral hygiene habits to fight against decay and gum disease.

How To Brush with Braces

  • Brush at least three times a day.
  • Brush with your toothbrush at an angle above and below the brackets in a circular motion, brushing in front and behind each tooth.
  • Brush under the archwire between the brackets.

How To Floss with Braces

  • Floss everyday.
  • Thread the floss under the arch wire and thoroughly floss between the teeth.
  • Continue flossing between each tooth, being careful not to pull on the archwire.

Our friendly staff and orthodontist, Dr. Kirby Nelson, will answer any questions you may have about your braces at one of our two convenient offices in Maple Valley and Enumclaw, Washington.