Steps on How to Care for Your Invisalign® Aligners

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If you are currently aligning your smile with Invisalign® aligners, good for you! Dr. Kirby Nelson and Dr. Eugenia Lee are happy you are taking steps toward your perfect smile. Now, while you proceed through your orthodontic treatment, it’s very important that you take good care of your aligners. To help you do so, we recommend doing the following things:

No. 1: Do not eat or drink
It is very important that you remove your aligner before you eat or drink anything. If you refrain from doing so, the bacteria, sugar, and food particles will get stuck in the aligner and they will remain pressed against your teeth, which will promote tooth decay and plaque growth. However, you are more than welcome to drink water while the aligner is in your mouth.

No. 2: Clean your aligner
Do your best to clean your aligner every time you brush and floss your teeth. You can clean your aligner with your cleaning kit or with a specific cleaning solution your orthodontist recommends. Do not clean your aligner with mouthwash. Make sure you follow the cleaning instructions closely. You do not want to warp, scratch, or damage the appliance.

No. 3: Store your aligner properly
Please do not keep your aligner in a hot environment. Doing so will make the aligner melt and warp out of shape. So, when the aligner is out of your mouth, make sure you keep it in its container in a cool place that is out of the reach of children and pets.

No. 4: Avoid chewing gum
Just like traditional braces, chewing gum can severely damage your aligner. So, please do not chew gum while the appliance is in your mouth.

At Kirby Nelson Orthodontics we care about you and your smile, and we want you to have the best orthodontic experience possible. In order to make that happen, we encourage you to use the provided caring tips. If you have any additional questions or if you would like to know more, call our office nearest you and talk to a member of our friendly dental team!