The Health Benefits of a Straight Smile

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A straight smile is obviously very pleasing from an aesthetic standpoint, but it also does more than simply making you comfortable smiling in photos or other social situations. A straight smile is actually a healthier smile.

Let’s look at why Dr. Kirby Nelson recommends you get your smile straightened as soon as possible.

Prevents cavities

With crooked teeth, it’s much harder to clean between the numerous cracks and crevices in your mouth. Crowding invites plaque buildup, which leads to cavities. In addition, cleaning all of your mouth, if it’s filled with crooked or crowded teeth, is much more difficult. Brushing can take a bit longer, as will flossing.

Prevents gum disease

If the plaque built up on your teeth isn’t removed effectively, it’ll harden into tartar. If that’s not removed by our team here at Kirby Nelson Orthodontics in North Bend, Washington, you’ll develop gingivitis. This is the first stage of gum disease and causes red, swollen gums that bleed easily. The infection, if left untreated, will spread to the rest of your mouth and can cause throat, mouth, or gum cancer, as well as heart disease.

If you have crowded teeth that need straightening, or you think you may need it, call us today at 425-888-1896 to schedule an appointment.