The Tips to Fighting Tooth Decay on Halloween

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Halloween is a cavity-filled holiday, whether we realize it or not, and we need to do our best to fight the tooth decay that results from the large amounts of candy and treats we consume. So, to help your children fight tooth decay as well as enjoy the Halloween candy and festivities, we recommend doing the following:

Brush the treats away
After your child eats one or many of their Halloween treats, it is very important that they brush their smile with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. To make things a little fun, you can purchase a new toothbrush for your child and put it in their trick-or-treating bag before they walk out the door. When they brush their teeth after they indulge in their Halloween candy, make sure they scrub thoroughly and effectively. It is also important that they floss between their teeth as well. That way the candy that gets stuck between their teeth is removed.

Create a candy plan
Candy plans help keep your child from overloading on treats. Your plan could be:

• Give your child a smaller bag
• Limit the number of houses your child visits
• Hide the candy and have your child slowly eat it throughout time rather than all at once
• Have your child trade their candy for a different reward

Regardless of which plan you choose, make sure your child understands the plan before they set off on their trick-or-treating journey. This will make things easier on Halloween night.

Offer a not-so-sweet reward
Instead of your child filling their mouth with large amounts of sugar, you can offer a not-so-sweet reward for their candy. This candy swap can allow your child to experience the fun trick-or-treating festivities all while preventing tooth decay. Some not-so-sweet rewards you can offer are new toys your child wants or a new activity your child wants to try. However, you can also extend the swap for a longer amount of time by having them trade a few pieces of candy a day for a simple reward, like a sticker.

Call our office today if you are interested in knowing more about fighting tooth decay this Halloween. We are more than happy to help you and your child maintain a strong and healthy smile all while enjoying this thrilling and tasty holiday!