Get Your Smile Faster with Fewer Visits at Kirby Nelson Orthodontics!

November 16, 2022

Orthodontics has come a long way in the past few years. Dr. Kirby Nelson has embraced new technology aimed at faster treatment with less time in the clinic. It’s called Dental Monitoring™ and it provides Dr. Kirby with visibility into patient progress remotely; allowing him to monitor your treatment more closely, but see you in person less frequently. Kirby Nelson Orthodontics patients work, travel, play, and enjoy life… all while having more efficient orthodontic treatment!

Here’s how it works: We start with a free consultation with our experienced orthodontist. We’ll use our 3D video scan to take images and then create virtual models of you or your child’s teeth. Based on these models and our conversations, Dr. Kirby will develop a unique treatment plan using Invisalign to help you achieve your smile goals.

Then, we will set you up for a Virtual Appointment schedule – you’ll get a notification to take a quick oral scan using your smartphone and an attachment called a ScanBox. Scans are monitored and reviewed through every aligner changeover, ensuring that treatment progresses exactly as planned.

Remote Monitoring + Invisalign Clear Aligners at Kirby Nelson Orthodontics means less visits to the office, no missed appointments, better control over your treatment, faster treatment times, and better outcomes. Your smile and your children’s smiles are of paramount importance to us. We’re committed to ensuring you have a successful smile journey.

At Kirby Nelson Orthodontics we are committed to helping our patients achieve – and keep! – their dream smile. That’s why we are proud to offer all of our patients lifetime retainers — at no charge!

Dr. Kirby Nelson is a leading orthodontist and a top 1% Diamond Invisalign provider in Maple Valley and Enumclaw, WA.  With over 25 years of experience and thousands of happy smiles, you can feel confident in your choice to start orthodontic treatment with Kirby Nelson Orthodontics. Click below to schedule your free consultation today!

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