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Our advanced technology greatly reduces the need for frequent office visits, and lets us provide a more comfortable, tailored orthodontic experience.


iTero® Digital Scanner

Skip the goopy, messy, and gag-worthy putty mouth impressions of the past! Instead, we use precise digital imaging technology to capture a highly accurate picture of your jaw, teeth, and bite. This allows for a perfect fit for your Invisalign clear aligners, custom braces, and any other orthodontic appliances you may need.

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Virtual Consultations and Monitoring

Our advanced technology greatly reduces the need for frequent office visits, whether you're using Invisalign, wearing custom braces, or have traditional braces. We employ remote monitoring capabilities that allow Dr.Kirby to track the progress of your treatment remotely, ensuring optimal results and saving you valuable time.

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3D Printed Appliances

We use in-house 3D printers to design and manufacture custom appliances for our patients. These printers are equipped with advanced printing technology that enables them to produce high-quality products with exceptional precision, accuracy, and speed. Our appliances our tailor-made for your unique needs so you can get the best results the fastest!

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Digital Custom Braces

Our digtial custom braces are a convenient and comfortable treatment solution designed to help you achieve results faster than ever. Using state-of-the 3D printing technology, we create a customized treatment plan so that you can get your new smile with fewer visits.

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Lifetime Retainer Program

At Kirby Nelson Orthodontics we’re committed to providing our patients with the highest level of care, even after treatment is completed. That’s why we offer a unique lifetime retainer program. We will replace any lost or broken retainers at no cost so you can maintain your beautiful, straight smile for life! 

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