Stride Custom Braces

The Next Generation of Braces

Using advanced 3D technology, Stride Custom Braces are made to fit your teeth individually. This means shorter treatment times, braces that fit better, and a clearer route to a new smile.

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Stride Custom Braces were created with the convenience and comfort of the patient in mind using cutting-edge 3-D printing and ground-breaking software to help you achieve results sooner. Traditional orthodontics still works fine but requires more visits and adjustments by the doctor, meaning more appointments for you. Stride Custom Braces allow us to personalize treatment to the patient so you get your new smile with fewer visits.

We start with an all-digital scan of your teeth - no more goopy impressions! Once we make a map of your mouth we can create the specific brackets that conform to the exact shape of each tooth and place them precisely where we want them to go. This custom approach means less guesswork on the part of the doctor and better results. 

Faster and more efficient

Patients love that they need fewer visits with Stride Custom Braces. The digital treatment plan means we can work more efficiently without sacrificing quality or comfort. Less time out of school or work sitting in our office (although we still love to see your smiling faces!)

More comfortable

Each bracket is customized to your teeth so Stride Custom Braces are more comfortable while still improving accuracy in straightening teeth. Chunky metal brackets can be a thing of the past using the advanced Stride Custom Braces system.

Customized for you

Advanced software and 3-D printing technology creates a custom treatment program for each and every patient individually. When treatment is designed specifically for you, the results are superior and the process is faster and more comfortable.

Fully digital treatment

Stride Custom Braces are the future of orthodontics utilizing cutting-edge digital software so that we get the exact results we want every single time. We can map out your plan and know precisely how to treat your particular case.

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